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Wondered about getting into the solar business? You’ve probably heard it’s growing fast, always changing, and has cool chances for you. Yep, that’s all true! The heart of this excitement? It beats within a concept that could transform your business overnight – buying solar leads. Yes! Purchasing these precious nuggets can open doors to potential customers ready to embrace solar energy. But not all opportunities are the same; it’s like searching for gold – you need to find the best ones! Like panning for gold, finding high-quality ones is key! ‘So where can we find these high-quality leads?’   Get ready for an adventure! We’ll be exploring why quality beats quantity when it comes to buying solar leads. On our journey, we’ll be taking a look at the various companies that offer solar lead purchasing.

What are solar leads?

People usually hear about solar energy from websites, radio ads, TV commercials, or other places if they are thinking about using solar power. Companies that find these interested people might try to sell their information to solar sellers as “live” or real-time leads within the first 24 to 48 hours. If these leads aren’t sold, they become “aged” and can be bought for a lower price. This is a nice chance for sellers to buy many leads without spending a lot. Aged leads are usually sold based on how old they are, like 30, 60, or 90 days old for instance. These leads might have been sold to other companies before, but they can still be really helpful to your solar company if they are quality leads.

Why you should buy solar leads?

Getting a steady flow of possible customers is key. However, creating your own customer leads through Google Ads campaigns, Facebook Ads, and making content can cost as much as buying leads, and it’s extra work. Mortgage leads need to be acted on quickly, but solar leads last longer since solar panels are more of a wish than a need. People keen on learning about solar panels take their time to make the right choice, often taking months. That’s why buying older solar leads instead of new ones is smart. Why should you buy older solar leads? 1. Work Smarter A big plus of buying solar leads is working smarter. You save a lot of time as you get a list of people already interested in solar setups, instead of searching for possible customers. Now, you have more time to talk to these leads, make personal offers, and make sales. By buying solar leads, you make your selling process smoother and boost your overall work output. Being efficient and productive is key in selling. 2. Better Sales Chances Leads bought from trusted places are usually already interested in solar energy, making them more likely to buy. This means better sales chances. It’s not about having lots of leads; it’s about having good ones. With aged leads, you get both, which is a win-win for you. 3. Reach More People Buying solar leads can help you reach places or people you found hard to reach before. Companies that create leads often have big networks and smart tools to reach many potential customers. By buying solar leads, you use their strong points to reach more people, which could lead to more solar sales and growth. For example, a solar seller mainly working in Orlando, Florida might want to connect with more people in Jacksonville, Florida. Buying leads in specific areas makes entering new markets easier. 4. Stable Sales Cycle Buying solar leads also makes your sales cycle more predictable. A steady flow of leads helps in planning your sales and business strategies better. This steadiness is good for managing resources, setting real goals, and checking how well your selling efforts are doing. This is really helpful if you plan on buying leads for more than one salesperson. 5. Saves Money There’s a cost to buy solar leads upfront, but it’s often cheaper in the long run. Consider the money spent on big marketing campaigns or the hours spent on finding potential customers. Buying ready-to-sell leads is a better deal as you reach people already interested in what you offer. Tip: Always keep track of your spending on solar leads and the money you make back (ROI).

Where to buy solar leads?

Many business owners enjoy creating their own customer contacts through paid ads, but there’s a lot to get right to make money from it. While I wouldn’t suggest only buying customer contacts to increase sales, it should be a big part of how you market. Not every company that creates customer contacts is the same, so I’ve made a list of my favorites for buying solar customer contacts.
  1. CraftjackCraftjack is a speedy platform right now for things like solar, plumbing, and landscaping. They check the leads by phone and have a strong presence on the internet, which means you can trust the leads are from people who really want solar installation. This means the leads you get are better and more likely to buy.The platform provides leads for solar panel systems and solar water heaters at good prices.
  2. RGR MarketingRGR is a big deal when it comes to finding solar customers. It’s known as a trustworthy place because it can connect you to people who are really interested.This company has helped many solar businesses get better results and make more money in a short time by finding the right people who are interested in solar. They have been doing this solar connection work for over 7 years and have made many customers happy with their service. If you choose to work with RGR for finding solar leads, you’ll get to enjoy lots of good things like making money back on your investment, getting the word out on big platforms like Yahoo, Google, emails, and Bing, really good customer service, and a top-notch system to match you with the right leads.
  3. GoSolarQuotesIf you’re looking for a place only focused on creating connections for the solar business, Go Solar Quotes is worth checking out. This place is known for giving current and correct details on solar setup like how much it costs, money-back offers and tax savings. Because of this, people usually trust this site to find better quality service providers. This trust then goes to the service providers who get leads from Go Solar Quotes and give price quotes for the work.Go Solar Quotes shares honest thoughts on things like batteries, converters and if it’s a good idea to spend money on them. They check different things like price and how well they work, understanding the needs of different folks in the market to give the best info for the people and top-notch leads for service providers. With this platform, you can gradually improve how your business is doing in a steady and sure way as you use their leads.
  4. SolarReviewsIf you are a person or a business looking to sell solar items or services well, this is a place you can use for great success.People and companies both really like SolarReviews because it gives the best and most useful information and contacts. The price for a contact is fair and they have a really good response rate of over 70%. This means the company will also give you contacts through a phone call. The company turns 30 to 35% of contacts into meetings and 6 to 15% of contacts into sales. The return on investment is also the best.
  5. is another great place for buying solar leads. Each week, over 5,000 homeowners visit this platform looking for professionals to install solar panels.It’s a platform that easily brings together contractors and homeowners. The main goal of is to quickly connect homeowners with solar installers and other businesses in this field. Using different online marketing tricks, they can quickly match homeowners with the right people, help create more success, build more partnerships through talking, and help your business grow.
  6. Solar Leads ClubA cool thing about the Solar Leads Club is that it lets you create your own customer contacts every week. The group guesses that by using their contacts, you could earn an extra $10,000 each month.They also give special treats to their customers to help them find more solar contacts.
  7. EnergysageIf you’ve looked up anything about solar energy lately, you’ve likely stumbled upon in 2005, Energysage is one of the early birds in providing specialized solar leads and surely stands as one of the largest. With time, they’ve honed their services to be among the finest in the country in both the cost and quality of leads. Energysage doesn’t just hand over leads and wish you luck; they also offer installers sales training, market knowledge, and daily support to ensure you make the most of their leads.

How much do solar leads cost?

The cost of solar leads can change a lot because of different things. Here are some things that can change the cost:
  • how good the lead is,
  • where the lead comes from,
  • how many other people want the same lead.
Usually, companies that help find solar leads might charge anywhere from $20 to $200 for each lead. The cost can change based on how good the lead is and what details are included. Solar leads can help you start in the solar world, but remember, they’re just a beginning. It’s good to look around and find the best prices to make sure you’re getting a good deal. There are many places online that can help you compare prices and find good deals on solar leads. Good solar leads can cost between $20-$200 each, but on average, they cost about $50. Helpful hint- Most solar companies buy leads in big amounts, which makes each lead cheaper. So if you want to buy solar leads for your work, you might want to do that too!
Key Takeaway:  It’s essential to remember that purchasing quality solar leads can skyrocket your business growth. Exclusive solar leads, known for their high quality, result in improved conversion rates and a superior ROI.

Why Bulk-Bought Solar Leads Burn Out Fast & Why Experts Shine Brighter!

So, you’re thinking about buying solar leads? 🌞 Hold that thought! Let’s chat about why this might not be the best move.

1. Quality Over Quantity: Buying leads? You’re probably getting a truckload. But, how many are quality leads? With an expert solar marketing agency, you get leads tailored to your business.

2. No Personal Touch: Those bulk-bought leads? They’re generic. Partnering with a solar marketing pro means customized strategies, making your brand shine brighter.

3. Hidden Costs: Sure, those leads come with a price tag. But what about the cost of wasted time, effort, and resources on duds? With Digital Advertising Campaigns run by experts, every penny is worth it.

4. One-Size-Fits-None: Generic leads don’t account for your unique selling points. An agency, like Helios, crafts SEO strategies that highlight what makes you, well, YOU!

5. Short-Term Gains: Leads dry up, then what? With an agency partnership, you’re investing in a sustainable future, not just a quick win.

To sum it up:

Key Takeaway:  Want to supercharge your solar business? Skip the off-the-shelf leads. Partner with a solar marketing maestro. It’s a game-changer! 🚀

Where to Buy Solar Leads FAQs

How do you find leads for solar panels?

You can get solar panel leads from solar lead generation companies, or generate your own using digital marketing strategies like SEO and paid ads.

Is it worth it to buy solar leads?

Solar leads usually turn into sales 5% to 20% of the time and cost between $12 to $75 for each lead on average, which many solar businesses find appealing. Shared web leads are cheaper, and they often have good conversion rates because people buy solar when the time is right.

What is the average cost of solar leads?

The price varies depending on quality and exclusivity but expect to pay between $20-$200 per lead. The average cost is $50.

How much should I pay for solar leads?

Buying solar leads on your own usually costs about $100-$150 each. Getting solar appointments usually costs between $150 – $200 each. In California, the average cost for a lead that turns into a sale is $1,929, which is the most expensive in the country.


Now you’ve taken a dive into the exciting world of solar leads. It’s clear that knowing where to buy solar leads can make all the difference. We explored how quality is king when it comes to buying these gems, with exclusive and qualified ones being worth their weight in gold. The return on investment is there if you play your cards right. To recap: Patience pays off, be strategic about purchasing solar leads and embrace innovation. Success will follow!
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