The Future of Solar Advertising
is on YouTube


Highly targeted YouTube ads
that drive results.

Our professionally produced videos, combined with AI-enhanced targeting ensure that your business reaches and converts the most interested and qualified solar customers.

Over hundreds of solar campaigns, we have perfected ad placement, audience segmentation, and campaign optimization—which drives higher lead volume at lower cost.

Our 100% solar focus translates into a depth of expertise unmatched by most generic digital marketers. Our professionally-managed campaigns are generate a higher return on investment than a DIY campaign.

YouTube ad campaigns include:

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youtube ads case Study

$370,000 increase in revenue for a startup solar company

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The Challenge

We were recently faced with a difficult task—assisting a startup solar company with competing within a highly competitive marketplace. They needed grow sales while competing against bigger industry players spending hundreds of thousands per month in PPC search ads.


We tested multiple messages to pinpoint the most successful offers.
  • Marketing analytics audit yielded powerful customer insights
  • Focused budget on YouTube video ads aimed at driving conversions
  • Aligned the ad creative with target audience concerns:
 solar installation costs


  1. Monthly leads increased from 40 to 60
  2. Cost per conversion dropped by over $2
  3. Lowered the cost per click by over 8%
  4. $370,000 increase in CRM-tracked revenue