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Your Solar Sales Solution

Imagine a world where you never have to worry about the sales process again. Our sales closer service empowers solar companies with access to a team of experienced salespeople who are experts in the solar industry and have a proven track record of closing deals.

This means that you can focus on providing high-quality solar installation services to your customers, driving revenue along with increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our sales closer service includes:

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Solar appointment setting case Study

180 appointments booked for a national solar installation enterprise

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The Challenge

While working with a startup solar company, we were charged with implementing a systematic method to guarantee appointments for their expanding sales team.


  • We implemented a hybrid of both live and  AI-driven appointment setting systems
  • This  enabled us to quickly qualify and manage leads


  1. 80% contact-made rate
  2. 60% appointment-set rate
  3. 180 appointments booked over three months