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SEO results in less time than from traditional agencies.

Your website is not just a shop window or an online brochure, but a critical asset needed to drive sales. Effective Search engine optimization (SEO) puts your company in front of more customers that are already looking for your solar energy services.

Through our SEO sprints, you will start to see more web traffic and leads within 2-3 months, rather than 6-9 months with most traditional SEO agencies. And did we mention you won't spend a dime on ads to acquire these highly qualified leads?

Our team of SEO experts use AI technologies to analyze competitor data and identify strategic keywords that will have the biggest impact on your website traffic and lead generation.

SEO campaigns include:

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seo case Study: SEM Power - Tampa, FL

159 new leads generated entirely from search engine traffic.

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We were tasked with improving rankings on critical keywords such as ‘commercial solar in Tampa FL’ (position 3 after 3 months) & ‘solar company in northeast Florida’ (position 1 after 3 months) & driving new leads through search traffic.


  1. Website audit: Our team identified strategic keyword opportunities that could drive an influx of quality web traffic
  2. Technical SEO and content: We fixed technical seo issues & streamlined the site content architecture
  3. Hyper-local focus: We optimized location web pages & Google Business Profiles


  • Monthly website sessions increased to 1500
  • 159 new leads created entirely through organic traffic (no paid ads)
  • 31 new Google Rankings achieved

Get Better Solar Leads Through SEO

FAQ - Helios SEO Services

SEO helps solar installers increase their online visibility to potential customers searching for solar solutions. By optimizing their website with relevant keywords and local SEO strategies, solar installers can appear higher in search engine results, making it easier for local customers to find their services.

Good SEO services should help solar companies position their websites at the top of the search results page and attract more potential customers. This involves careful planning of the technical aspects of the website, publishing engaging content that helps anwers searchers’ questions, and acquiring backlinks to raise brand authority. Helios Digital Agency’s SEO services for solar companies include a unique SEO sprint service model, Google Business Profile Optimization, and expert website content and link acquisition services, which drive faster results, and increased web traffic and leads.

Effective SEO strategies can significantly boost organic traffic to a solar installer’s website, leading to higher lead generation. By ranking higher in search results, solar installers attract more qualified leads interested in solar energy solutions, enhancing their chances of conversion and sales.

Unlike traditional SEO agencies that may take 6-9 months to show results, Helios’s SEO sprints start showing increased web traffic and leads within 2-3 months, leveraging AI technologies for competitor analysis and strategic keyword identification.

Helios Digital Agency’s SEO services have led to significant improvements in client rankings for targeted keywords, with case studies showing increases in monthly website sessions, generation of new leads through organic traffic, and acquisition of new Google Rankings.