How to Attract More Solar Customers With SEO

SEO strategies to boost solar company website traffic

If you’re looking for an effective way to attract more solar customers with SEO, make sure you produce well-optimized content. SEO will help your website rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. We’ll go over how to use SEO tactics on your website in order to get more solar customers using a few simple tricks!


The solar power industry has had incredible growth in the last 5 years, with many solar energy companies focusing their business in specific local markets. In order to attract more customers online, solar businesses will need to optimize their website for search engines.


Our research and case studies provide a guide for solar companies to develop a cohesive digital solar marketing so that your site ranks well in the major search engines, attracting more business to your solar business.


The benefits of search engine optimization (SEO)


  • SEO helps you rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPS) so your website can be found more easily by customers
  • It drives traffic to your site, which then means more conversions or sales for the company


You need a strong online presence in order to compete with other solar businesses in today’s marketplace and attract more potential customers as part of your solar lead generation strategy.

So how do solar companies make sure they’re ranking high enough? The answer is: solar SEO ! Follow these three steps below if you want to know just what needs to happen before implementing an SEO strategy for your company.


Why you should use SEO to market your solar business


There are 3 main reasons why you should use SEO to market your solar business:


  1. Increasing website traffic
  2. Generating leads, and
  3. Building brand awareness


How to Attract More Solar Customers With SEO


In order to start attracting more customers with SEO, there are several steps that a company must take, including:


  • Competitor research to determine which search terms (keywords) drive traffic to their websites
  • On-page optimization like adding appropriate keywords to content pages or blog posts;
  • Off-page optimization by creating links from trusted websites;
  • Making sure your website is mobile friendly so that potential customers who use smartphones can find what they need quickly and easily

Practical SEO tips for your solar company website


A few good SEO tips for solar businesses are:


  • Optimize your site title and first paragraph with keywords that best describe the company, services and benefits offered.
  • Make sure to add keyword rich content throughout your website using headings, subheadings, images, videos and blog posts.
  • Produce high quality content to drive more traffic to your website.


👀 Check out this great article for more great tips on how you can optimize and rank your web pages with on page seo.


 To do keyword research, you can use a number of free programs like Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool.


 Keyword research will help you to find keywords that are relevant, popular and have low competition so that your website is more likely to rank well in search engines for those key terms.

  • What is your solar company’s mission?
  • What do you promise to your customers?
  • What are your product benefits?
  • What are the different product features?
  • What are the common product misconceptions?
  • What are your competitors up to?

Link Building Strategy


Link building for solar companies is not an easy task. Building links can be difficult as it often involves a high level of research and outreach to potential link partners. The result of this effort, however, can pay off big time in the long run and make your company much more visible on the web. Link Building is vital for your solar company’s SEO strategy. Google considers two primary factors in ranking websites in their search results: relevance and authority.


Relevance refers to whether your content is appropriate for the topics that web users are seeking. For example, if someone is searching for “how solar panels work” and you have a detailed article that explores the science of solar panels, your work will be considered highly relevant.


Authority refers to whether your content is considered an “authoritative” source for the topic. For example, a blog post written by someone with extensive knowledge about solar panels will be seen as more authoritative than one written by somebody who has no professional experience in this area.


Here are some strategic tips to help you build high-quality links that will boost your search rankings:


  • Research and reach out to potential link partners. For example: local governmentsbusinesses, utilities, and business partners for your solar products in your area. The more sites you can get links from with a solar company ranking on page one of google search results, the better!
  • Share your content with social media followers. This is an easy way to increase visibility for solar companies, and link building strategies in general!
  • Investigate the websites of potential partners or competitors and see if they are linking out to other sites related to solar energy. If so contact them via email about partnering up on a blog post (guest posting)


Get a Free SEO Performance Report


We ❤️ helping solar companies. That’s why we created a Free SEO Report to help you analyze and improve your website, boost your search rankings, and get more clients!


SEO Content Strategy


The best way to build links is by providing high-quality, relevant content that attracts an audience and engages with them. Articles should be original in order to establish authority and expertise about the topic being discussed. Businesses would also benefit from posting on other social media sites like YouTube or Facebook for exposure on a different platform. Finally, solar companies


For example – To create content on the Helios blog, I created a list of potential solar customers interested in solar topics, as well as solar businesses looking to boost their online presence through high search rankings & more sales leads.  I created blog posts focused on the needs of these groups:


  • Homeowners looking at getting solar installed & are looking into financing options (like loans) before making the investment.
  • Businesses installing their own panels or considering going green


Quora can help with finding the right content for your website – it’s a site that is well trafficked by people who are actively searching for topics related to your business. It also ranks high in Google search engine results pages and more importantly, Quora has an active user base of over 300 million users around the world.


Creating high-quality blog posts infused with the appropriate keywords based on solid research will help to drive up your search rankings.  Generally, this process takes longer on average than advertising (around 1-3 months).  However, SEO will continue to bring in leads even after pausing or discontinuing your ads.


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