The Complete Guide to Solar Energy Content Marketing in 2022

Today, solar energy content marketing strategies are everywhere. From social media to blogs and even texting, everyone seems to be talking about content. Content is king when it comes to digital marketing, so it makes sense that digital marketing for solar leads is becoming more of a trend.

While providing quality content is vital, it’s hard to deny that if we look at the core of solar energy marketing strategy, we will find Search Engine Optimization (SEO). According to a survey by Hubspot, over half of marketers say keyword rankings and organic traffic are the top ways they measure the success of their solar SEO strategies.

Solar companies who adopt content marketing will see their website show up higher in search engine results for certain terms (SEO). It seems like everyone recognizes its value now. In fact, over eighty percent of marketers actively use content marketing.


SEO brings potential customers in. Quality content keeps them there. 


If you have a solar installation company, then solar energy content marketing strategies should absolutely be a key part of your lead generation strategy.

By creating and sharing helpful, informative, and useful content about solar energy, you can reach a wider audience of potential customers and build trust and credibility for your business via content marketing for solar companies.

When it comes to solar energy content marketing, solar power companies have a few key advantages in accessing their target audience. First, solar energy is a relatively new industry, so there’s still a lot of education that needs to be done in order to increase consumer awareness and understanding. This makes content marketing a perfect fit for solar companies.

But how can you be confident that your company’s future solar power clients will know about you if you use content marketing for solar companies?


Check out our solar marketing guide below on how you can start implementing a solid solar marketing strategy into your business in 2022…

What is content strategy?

How do you implement it for solar marketing?

A content strategy is the roadmap to guide your solar power business’s content marketing efforts. The first step in this roadmap is clearly defining your solar marketing target audience and their needs. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to think about what content your solar power business can create to serve your audience best.


“This high-level strategy deals with mapping out the implementation and distribution of your brand’s content marketing materials.”

–  Semrush


Start by choosing the most appropriate medium for your solar power audience. A solar marketing content strategy can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Don’t get overwhelmed or think that you need to create content for all of your various channels at the same time.

Begin with what is most important to you and your business when it comes to solar marketing—your audience, brand, and content. From there, you can choose to expand your content marketing for solar companies as needed.

solar panel installer on roof



  1. Increased Revenue – Generates more sales by using more efficient sales channels and methods within your content marketing for the solar industry.
  2. Longer-Lasting Marketing Campaign – Creates a more engaging brand through content and increases brand equity.
  3. Better Google Rankings – Solar energy content marketing helps your content rank better in Google’s search engine results.
  4. Builds Your Audience – Content marketing can build your audience over time, one blog post at a time. This can be especially valuable if you are starting a new business selling solar panels.
  5. More Click-Throughs – People often click on an advertisement and become actual customers before they even finish reading the content.
  6. Increased Engagement – Content marketing for solar energy allows you to create a more interactive environment between you and your alternative energy audience.



  1. More Work – Content marketing requires more work than other forms of marketing for solar businesses.
  2. Longer-Term Commitment – Building a solar energy content marketing campaign takes time. You can’t expect to see potential clients or positive search results right away.
  3. More Expensive – Depending on how you go about it, content marketing can be more expensive than other forms of inbound marketing.
  4. Harder to Measure – It can be harder to measure a content marketing campaign’s success than other forms of online advertising.


How solar SEO & solar energy content marketing work together


Search engine optimization (or SEO) for solar businesses refers to a method used for getting your company website and landing page recognized as quickly as possible by search engines like Google and Bing.

In order to get this done and increase your digital marketing for solar leads, you need to optimize the buyer’s journey (customer experience) as well as your website for search engines.

solar panels on a roof bright sunny day

There are many ways to approach your solar marketing strategy but the most important ones are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Both of these are free services that can help with the analytics behind your marketing strategy. They are essential for getting the websites of solar installers found by the right people.


With these two in place, you can start getting traffic to your site. You can also use other keyword tools, social media sites, and blogs to get traffic.


SEO and blog content for solar companies work together because the first step in content marketing is to find a way to get your content noticed within your industry.


Without getting noticed, your solar marketing campaign won’t work. Thus, it is important to put some thought into how your company’s content can get noticed.


First, analyze your competitors’ blog content in the renewable energy sector –

  • What do you notice about their solar marketing content?
  • Which topics do they cover? Do they cover pain points?
  • What are the common topics that are being covered in the solar energy industry?


Once you’ve identified the most common topics in solar marketing and the solar industry, you can start thinking about how to create content that covers these topics.


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Why use a content-focused marketing strategy for your solar business?


With the growth of solar as an industry and increasing use of solar panels – and the corresponding growth of content marketing as a means of marketing in this space – it is more important than ever to use channels to promote your business that are not only effective but also reach the right audience.

Reason One


Solar companies are able to tap into several unique advantages when using content marketing. First and foremost, solar energy is a predictable and renewable energy source. It nearly sells itself.


Reason Two


Content can cover different topics, such as customer service, how solar works, how we benefit from clean energy, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and how solar systems can offer predictable power every day. There are plenty of topics to work with.


Reason Three


Because the market isn’t saturated yet, there are also plenty of opportunities to be seen and to rise above the crowd.


Attract qualified leads through solar energy content marketing


One of the most important benefits of content marketing is that it can help you attract new customers and increase profits. The average American can be exposed to up to 10,000 marketing messages each day, but many of those messages will go unnoticed because they are not tailored to match the information that consumers are looking for.


Turn visitors into leads by providing free value up-front.


By creating engaging and useful content, you can help to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make it easier for potential customers to find and find your business online. By creating content that is focused on current solar news topics and industry trends, you can help to attract new readers with up-to-date information.


Establish your solar company as an industry expert


Once we’ve established who we are to our target audience, we can begin thinking about a strategy for appearing higher in search results. Solar sales have evolved digitally, so effective online marketing can help generate leads for your sales team and grow your business significantly.

Stick to topics of interest to your customers and potential customers, such as:


  • How much do solar panels cost?
  • How long do solar panels last?
  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of solar panels?
  • What are the best solar companies near me?


Topics popular to solar energy consumers can include trends, breaking news, and new developments—all of which can help attract new customers and improve your digital marketing for solar leads. You can also create content that focuses on customer success stories.

This can help to demonstrate the value that is provided by your solar business, which can help to attract new customers who are looking for a way to solve a specific problem.

content marketing process

What is the solar energy content marketing process?


There is a simple six-step process:


Step One


The first step in the writing process is to research and collect useful content from other websites and sources.


Step Two


Get to know your customers and potential customers before you begin digital marketing for solar leads. Find out what site visitors search for and what problems they need to have solved.


Step Three


Before you even start typing, you’ll want to make sure you have a list of topics that you want to cover and a basic idea of how you want to structure your posts for website visitors to view.

Once you have your list of topics and a general idea of how you want to structure your post, it’s time to start writing.


Step Four


Once your content strategy is in place, and your goals for your content are crystal clear, it’s time to start writing. A good rule of thumb is to try not to write more than 2,000 words per day. By writing more, you aren’t really reaching your full potential.
You want to keep in mind the golden rule of writing: write fast, and then slow down as you go along. You want to try to write as quickly as possible so that you can get your post out of the door, but you also want to make sure that you are still producing quality work.


Step Five


Promote your content by using solar SEO, sharing it on social media, and directing people to your posts.


Step Six


Measure the performance of your content. Check traffic, the time visitors spend on each page, and other relevant analytics.


Eleven solar energy content marketing tools that can save you time


A great way to save time when working on digital marketing for solar leads and creating your content is to use one of the 11 content marketing tools that we’ve included in our guide.

These tools can save you time by creating your content and breaking down the content marketing process.

Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain our own.

1.  Ahrefs




Ahrefs is an all-in-one-SEO research toolset. If you aren’t ready to dive in and make an investment, they also offer a free keyword generator.


2.  Airtable




Content planning & collaboration tool. This is a great product overall and their templates are an amazing time-saving feature.


3. Buzzsumo




Content research and planning tool. Buzzsumo is a content analysis tool that allows you to examine your competitors’ posts to see what topics they are covering and which keywords they are using


4.  Canva




Content design tool. Do you need to create graphics for content marketing purposes? Whether it’s for blog posts or social media posts, Canva has you covered and makes it easy.


5.  Google Analytics


Google Analytics



A suite of website analysis and conversion measurement tools. This tool is vital for anyone who creates or markets content.




Jasper AI content writer tool

AI content writing tool. Do you need a break from writing? Let Jasper do some of the heavy lifting for you.


7. Shine Ranker

Shine Ranker SEO toolset


This amazing tool lets you perform solar SEO audits and keyword research without a lot of fuss. The results are in-depth and worth taking a look at.


8. Semrush




Content research tool & competitor SEO analysis tool. Do you want to know how you compare against the competition? Use this tool to make sure that your content shines above the rest.


9. Ubersuggest

Content planning and competitor research tool. This is another great tool that offers some of the same features as Semrush.


10. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Content SEO optimization tool. Make sure that your solar content contains the necessary SEO-optimized keywords and structure to get to the top of searches with this tool.


11. Typeform


Create high-converting lead capture forms for your website using conversational forms. Don’t let this one slide by.


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With the growth of content marketing and the increased demand for qualified leads, it’s important for businesses to take advantage of this trend. Content marketing can be used to attract a new audience to your business as well as build an audience from the ground up.

With these advantages in mind, it’s important for businesses to start testing content marketing strategies to see what works best for them.

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