6 Benefits of Choosing a Local Solar Installer



Choosing a local solar installer that’s based near you over a large-scale national company has many benefits for you as a solar shopper, including lower prices, a dedication to customer services, and accountable, local full-time installation employees.


Why Go Local?


Local solar energy installation companies are able to keep your costs down because they are able to service their own system, meaning that they are able to keep track of their own work and maintenance, and can adjust their rates accordingly. They are also more apt to be able to service your solar panels and solar inverter more quickly and efficiently than the bigger organizations, meaning that your panels will be activated sooner rather than later.


As a consumer, you also get the added benefit of more convenient checkout and installation, plus lower, more frequent bills. This can result in increased confidence in your solar purchase and installation. And since youve chosen a local company, they are able to give you their best price without any middlemen making sales – meaning more money in your pocket!

So, how does a local installer do it? Here are the 6 Benefits of Choosing a Local Solar Installer for your solar energy system:


1) They are local! This may be the reason why you have selected a local installer in the first place, after all, when you install a local solar energy system at your home, odds are that you didnt take the time to compare installation services from multiple companies. Now, that’s not to say that you may not like the solar system that your solar energy installer delivers, but odds are that you wouldnt bother to compare them, because the system that your solar energy company delivers, the odds are that it isnt near as good as the local company that can provide the same services.


Instead, when you select a local installer, you get high quality services with no bull, and you have the confidence to trust that the local installer can do the job right the first time. You also get a solar energy system that isn’t overly large or complicated, which results in lower energy bills and less mess after installation.


2) They make great local team members! Local solar team members are a big part of the local installer industry. They are the friends and neighbours who can help you install your solar system, and help you throughout the whole process. If anything, the local team members are your eyes and ears on the job, so when something isn’t right with the solar system that your installer is installing, they are the ones to report it to and help you fix it. They also help you set your solar system up so that it is oriented to maximize the power absorption of your solar panels, and ensure that your system is installed in the most advantageous place.


This way, your solar energy system will provide you with the cleanest and most concentrated power that it can, and it will also be positioned to face north so that it can be received by the most sun rays without causing shading.


3) Local solar installers will have knowledge, experience and tools that make the job easier, while not overwhelming you with too much technology. For example, you might be concerned about your new solar system’s ability to track the sun’s position, so your installer will have a working compass. You might also want some type of backup battery system in case your sun sensor system isn’t able to sense enough sun to recharge. You will also likely be interested in the solar system’s ability to track the amount of electricity being generated. The less clutter there is, the easier it will be to maintain and repair once your solar system malfunctions.


4) A local installer might deliver the solar system itself, or they might pick up and deliver a solar system to your house, depending on where you live. This can be a hassle for people in large metropolitan areas; however, it isn’t as big of issue in places like the Pacific North-West region.


5) A local installer may deliver the system and all the needed paperwork for you, or they may have staff that will do this for you. The Pacific Northwest region tends to be particularly fickle about paperwork, so if you are installing solar energy systems there, having staff do the paperwork for you can actually save you a ton of money. Staff also usually have more knowledge and experience installing solar systems, so it is also important that your installer has experts on staff. If you don’t know enough about solar to handle the paperwork, your solar system might not work properly.


6) If you are installing a solar array for the first time or if you haven’t installed solar before, then your installer may have a friendly, knowledgeable staff member who can walk you through the process and answer all your questions. There are some solar installation companies that provide step-by-step videos for people who have never installed a solar system before and will also explain most of the technical stuff for you so that you don’t have to take all the tests and procedures (such as taking a DC voltage from a battery to a system and back again). The installer will also try to avoid making any type of mistakes that can result in a costly repair.

A good resource to compare local solar installation companies is solarreviews.com

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